What am I listening to right now?

Hello from the end of my day everyone!

I made a radical decision and try to write English. There are some reasons for this but mostly they are personal. Recently, my life aims have turned towards living abroad more precisely. Again there are lots of reasons for this too but I want to talk about them later. So I thought, first of all, I have to improve my language skills. Unfortunately, it is a little bit hard, when you are living in your home country. But anyway, my aims are bigger than every hardship. For this reason, I realised that ( also realised that I was about to forget English) I should do everything that I can. I am writing something here so why can’t write in English? It can improve my language and also I put more effort to do real stuff. Probably, I write mostly wrong and I will have mistakes but I won’t give up easily. There is just one thing that I am afraid of, maybe I can’t represent emotions in English clearly, but let’s try it :).

Lately, I was struggling with distractibility. I was unable to produce something. Even I had difficulty in reading about my thesis. As you know several things are going on in Turkey. I don’t remember any other time when I was so upset about the agenda news. This news put more stress on me also my personal life was not so good. However, we are living and existing is like make an effort for some things. So I am getting used to and get myself together. To do this, luckily music helps me a lot. I am listening to music mostly, finding a new style of tunes and try to expand my horizon. As a result of this, I have so many playlists now, but it is okay. I like listening, discovering and talking about it.

So today, I want to talk about my best friends, songs that I am listening to nowadays.

I don’t know maybe you feel like this or not but some songs give me a vibe like I am crazy. I put on my headphone and open these kinds of songs and completely isolate myself from the real world. I want to open this song and go up to my bed and dance, dance until I feel dizzy. I didn’t listen to all the album songs but also I like Stockholm Syndrome too.

I should accept that I have a prejudice for Turkish songs. I don’t know why but it’s just kinda weird. When first see this group Peyk, I approach them with the same perspective. I thought that they are making rap songs. On the other hand, I should accept that I was wrong. They are trying different things and they are really really good. I love this song especially between 2:15-3:15 minutes take me somewhere else. I still didn’t listen to other songs that much but I can suggest another song whose name is Darıldı Şans.

If I give you another Madrugada song, it won’t be a surprise. If you read, you know I am a big fan of Madrugada. A few months ago, Madrugada’ soloist Sivert Hoyem gave an answer to me on Instagram. He said they will come to Turkey for this year’s tour. Anyway, let’s turn song. I always think that, okay I listened to all the songs of Madrugada, nothing can surprise me anymore. But every time, I fail. Because always I recognize another good song. Like when I dig deeper, I find more gold. This song gives that vibe too. Guitar string, Hoyem’s voice everything is perfect. You should listen, also Madrugada works on a new album. This news, makes me more excited and I can’t wait to share it with you!

You don’t know but I have some bad memories about some rings. I didn’t express my feelings truly but this story broke my heart real bad. Really bad insomuch I shouldn’t forgive easily. But on the other hand, I did it anyway. I expect different things and get angry myself. Because I thought I am the problem but I wasn’t. I can say that I wasn’t the blind one. So I am sorry but I can’t hide my true feelings. This song reminds me of that heartbreaking situation. On the other hand, Cocteau Twins is perfect. You should listen to the whole Heaven or Las Vegas album, then I am sure you will fall in love with them.

Okay, if you know me personally you can say what? Yes when I say, I try to expand my horizon I mean this one. Mostly I won’t listen to electronic music much. I don’t like unnatural songs. Still, I am not so into but some singers make me get closer to this kind of music. Especially The Weeknd then Röyksopp, TENDER etc. I decided to try different kinds of tunes nowadays. Maybe mostly electronic/dance songs, we will see. But another interesting thing is okay I like this kind of song but the ones that I like still have some kind of sadness inside them. This makes me laugh because people listen to these songs to dance, but I am listening to cry. It is weird for me of course but highly recommended song.

When I listen to this song the first time, I was like ” wow how they did this song.”. Still, my opinion didn’t change a little bit. I don’t know is there something I can tell about Queen. I was listening to Queen in my high school years. These years at least I didn’t forget myself, I was trying to find myself. So that’s why Queen is so important to me. I love how Freddie bring a different kind of tunes into rock music. I admire him, still.

Lately, I was listening to old Turkish songs that make me cry. So I run into this Sertab Erener song again. When this song starts to play, I am starting to cry at the same time. I will only say one thing because I tried to tell a lot of things before but no one understands me truly. They bring me into chaos to save themselves. But I was the one that talks true. I was always right. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because I have never been in love this much before. And this leaves me without a solution.

Oh no, I am just like anyone! I love Blonde Redhead soo much. As I told you before, when I listen to this kind of song, I feel like my brain is flying. I can say that this one neurosis-alerted music. The cello melody from behind adds a strange sadness to the song. I think this one Blonde Redhead style. I mean, you expect rock song but this gives you weird emotional confusion.

I put this song too because I am sure that one of my friends will like this song so much :).

I found this song on Spotify’s discover weekly list. I personally, every Monday wait for this new list. I have a chance to find new songs. Like this! I’m glad that I found this song. It has no word nevertheless it doesn’t lose anything. I listen to other songs from this group. They have not so many songs but I didn’t like them that much I like this one. Try it!

I do my playlist based on months. I always open a new playlist for a new month. And I realize that every month I put one Cure song into it. I admire this group. They are different and they adapt these differences to their music perfect way. If you didn’t listen to this Cure song you should now. It weirdly gives me an energy boost. I can say that this song is a perfect shower song 🙂 .

Believe me, I have so many other songs that I listen to lately. But these are the best ones that I want to share with you.

I hope you like it, maybe you can find songs that you don’t know before and feel the same way :).

I’ll see you next time.

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