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Hello everyone from the end of my day!

It’s been a while we haven’t met right? Actually, there’s nothing to say because I didn’t do anything. I think sometimes, you just don’t want to share something. On the other hand, there are so many things that happened. I will try to tell you everything one by one in my next post but today I just want to talk about my recent experience. Oh, also I would like to say that from now on, I will try to post one article every week! I believe that this keeps me quite busy.

Okay anyway, let’s talk about “recent experience”. Last week I was in Athens. This was my first time and it is quite funny because Greece is always so close to me. Actually, whenever I go somewhere abroad, I always like ” why I am not travelling more? “. But for me, it is always hard to get out of my comfort zone. This time , I just have a strong reason. Again I was in a hard situation and my Greek friends text me to the reunion.

When I saw the messages, it was impossible to say no. I never thought to miss this reunion! I was never thinking that I made actual friends. Romania was a great memory for me and I thought that probably it will be like my other Erasmus experience. I won’t see them again or so many years after. But it didn’t work out the way I thought it would. I just wanted to join them because my friends wanted me to be there. It will be hard because of Turkey’s economics but I just didn’t give a shit because I was just happy. I felt that okay I made real friends, also just by myself!

Even if I struggle with talking English, also money situations, it was a great experience for me. Meeting with my friends again, how can I explain I don’t know but it was amazing. I think now, I know their other parts. I wish I could stay longer! I hope they enjoyed and were happy to see me too. Also, I hope we can meet again soon. I really want to share much more things with them. I was just going there because I wanted to see them, that’s why I enjoyed it a lot!

I know they hate it when I say this, but I can not explain what is the meaning of all things. That’s why I always say thank you. I say thank you because you are doing some things that I am thankful for. And I will always come when you call me :).

So today I am here, dreaming about meeting again at other places. Also, imagining good and happy life 🙂

Here are some photos that I took on my small trip, enjoy!

This was the trip that I remember life is so short and no one can say how should I live. This small trip reminds me, I wanna live like what’s makes me happy. Now I know what I want, clearly.

See you next week!

(Photos taken by Fujicolor200)

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